Welcome to educare

educare students working on laptop educare is a new educactional concept for the Maltese islands. We pride ourselves to employ teacher and lecturers with industrial and academic experience to bring you an enhanced learning experience. Through such mixture, students not only learn the academic part of the concepts but also get an an industry insight on how such concepts are applied in real life scenarios.

Added to this enhanced learning experience, educare operates the latest technology in our classrooms. Apart from the latest computers, our classrooms are equipped with the Gioiello interactive whiteboards systems and with classroom management solutions that give the opportunity to students to share their problems with other students to bring in multiple ideas from peer students on how their problem could be solved. Such approach enhances learning through group collaboration, a method with which students learn more effectively. The Gioiello interactive whiteboard system brings in a different dimension of tools to the teacher is oder to demostrate concepts to students.

As learning should not stop after the student has left the classroom, educare operates an infrastrusture whereby the student can still communicate with the teachers from home. The infrastructure allows the teacher to pass students additional and more detailed notes that can be accompanied with presentations and videos to depict a clearer picture on the concept being covered. The infrastructure was designed to allow constant communication between the teacher, students and guardians. Through the infrastruce, students can take active part in the many online activities such as forums, blogs, chats and quizes while guardians can constantly monitor the progress of students at their leisure. This constant feedback means that corrective measures can be taken earlier to ensure a better success for the student.

educare is committed to offer thge very best service possible. Contrary to others, we do not believe that the education of students is a product that one can buy off-the-shelf. Because we believe that we render a service, we organise regular meetings with students and guardians to discuss issues to help improve our service to the community. Such meetings are normally held at the beginning of the course, every three months on a class by class basis and bi-monthly on a one to one basis when the courses are longer than six months and after the exam date. As part of our educational services, educare is ready to tailor any one of the courses to the needs of any individual or group of individuals.